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Sharing information with others is the first step really in creating great conversations with others who also love English Flying Tipplers and wish to have success with them. Share information about your club, your birds, your experiences with training and feeding. Enjoy the association on line here at the National Tippler Union of Great Britain.

Where do I post?
Join the site by first creating an account. After approval of your account, you may read through the forums section of the site and find a topic that you would like to post about. After finding the right category, merely begin a topic or comment on a topic that already exists. It's that easy. It is similar to a discussion forum or the "shout box" that existed at the previous NTU website.

Can someone show me how to do this?
The following brief information presented in video form is very helpful:

Please bear in mind that inappropriate posts will just be deleted by the administrators without warning. We all know the kind of posts we're referring to. However, if the administrators of the site deem any post unsuitable, it will be removed without any warning.