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How to use this site.

Regarding your user account:
All user accounts are first screened before activation. Please be patient, such a screening process helps us to eliminate illegitimate requests for accounts that are meant only for spamming the site. We take these precautions to keep the National Tippler Union of Great Britain official website free of advertisements and spammers.

How is my personal information used?
On this site, your personal information is kept strictly for information purposes for use by the NTU of GB. None of the information you enter is used by or given to third parties.

How do I post pictures or information?
You must be logged in first. Go to the Forums section and find a Forum that basically covers what you want to post about. Then click "Add new Forum topic". Share information about your club, your birds, your experiences with training and feeding. The following brief 2 minute silent video may be helpful. There is a link in the lower right corner to make the video full screen. We advise you to view full screen for maximum benefit.

[Please bear in mind that inappropriate posts will just be deleted by the administrators without warning. We all know the kind of posts we're referring to.]

How do I get my own website?
There are several ways, but first investigate if you are in the UK or visit

If you have a technical question about how to use this site, or if you have any difficulties of any kind, or if you wish to make a suggestion, please feel free to use the form below.